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Full-Body Ascending Drop Sets

This 5-day whole-body program flips drop sets upside down for gains in size and strength and enhanced fat loss.

Full body ascending drop sets training program

What happens when you do drop sets by adding weight instead of decreasing it? You’re about to find out!

If you’ve followed my programs for any length of time, you know I’m a big proponent of using intensity techniques like drop sets in my workouts. And why wouldn’t I be? These types of techniques allow you to take a set past the normal point of failure, thus upping the intensity and workload… and boosting RESULTS.

A typical drop set involves taking a set to muscle failure, then immediately reducing the weight by about 20%-30% and repping out with the lighter weight until you reach failure again.

With my Ascending Drop Set technique, you take a set to failure, but instead of lightening the load, you’re going to add weight. So technically, I guess it would be an “add set,” not a drop set.

If you’re wondering how you’re going to add weight after reaching failure, it all comes down to the weight used and the reps completed. With ascending drop sets, you essentially do three sets at three different rep ranges for each exercise.

Set #1 will be for 20 reps. This serves as both a warm- up (during reps 1-10) and a high-rep set to build muscle endurance and take the muscle out of its comfort zone to instigate hypertrophy.

After 20 reps, you'll immediately put the weight down and add enough weight to limit you to 10 reps on the next set (set #2) with little to no rest. This set is the technical “sweet spot” for muscle growth, due to the

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