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My Train With Jim series features all the workouts I do personally every single day. When following the articles and programs – comprised almost entirely of fat-blasting full-body workouts – you’re in the trenches right along with me, as if I’m your own personal trainer or training partner. For each new program, I provide a written overview that covers the highlighted training technique, shows all the workouts in the routine, and explains the philosophy behind my programming – down to every last set, rep, and rest period. Additionally, the #TrainWithJim series is unveiled in real time, day by day, on my Facebook and Instagram pages. But if you miss a day or want to start from the beginning, you always have the option of coming back to the Train With Jim home base right here on JimStoppani.com. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask me through any of my social media channels (either of the aforementioned ones or Twitter ). Click the button below to access my exclusive Train With Jim series.

Train hard and stay JYM Army Strong everyone!