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Andrew Hong

This JYM Army member has hit countless PRs and changed his life through proper training, diet and supplementation.

Andrew Hong

Written by Andrew Hong

At the age of 5, I was diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome, so needless to say I didn't have the brightest of childhood or teen years. But back in 2013, I decided that enough was enough. I would do my best to improve myself and no longer live with a label on my head based on the opinions of others. I wanted to be the one who determines who I am. Little did I know at the time how that decision would change my life to the degree that is did.

My initial goal was to lose weight. A concept to me that seemed very simple and straightforward. Eat less, work out more than you eat and you’ll burn fat – pretty self-explanatory, I thought. That first year of working out was filled with struggles. My family thought I had become a workout-a-holic; friends kept telling me to "take it easy," and the world just seemed to want things to be the same. Not me. I wanted change – change in my life, my health and my physique.

What kept me going was my girlfriend and social media. It may seem very narcissistic, but posting every single day really made me accountable. It forced me to continue and push forward. So other than from my girlfriend and keeping myself accountable, the biggest thing I sorely lacked in the beginning of my fitness journey was support.

As I was very new to the whole working out routine, I...

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