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Caleb Canada

His fitness path has taken him from soda and candy bars to clean eating, hard training, and proper supplementation... with the strength results and physique to show for it.

Caleb Canada

Written by Caleb Canada

At the outset of my fitness journey, my goal was to get healthy. I have managed or supervised restaurants in the quick-service industry for 15 years. Along with that came a very unhealthy diet and increased daily stress. I have children and I wanted to ensure I saw them grow up and have children of their own.

I worked out for a few years and had decent success gaining strength and muscle. My diet was very relaxed, full of Pepsi and candy bars. I trained hard and bought every new supplement I read about.

It wasn’t until about two years ago that I discovered the JYM Supplement Science line and tried Pro JYM for the first time. I was instantly hooked after seeing a noticeable difference in size and strength gains. Shortly afterward, I started taking Vita JYM, Pre JYM, Omega JYM, and Post JYM.

About a year ago, I found the JYM Army Facebook group and joined. I shared my results, interacted with fellow members, and gained valuable tips and tools. A few of the members convinced me to join the No Limits Challenge.

Prior to signing up, I joined jimstoppani.com and started reading articles about taking the supplements, and then I read Dieting 101.

By combining Dieting 101 and the No Limits Challenge, I was able to lose 21 pounds while increasing my strength in the matter of those few short weeks.

My waist went from a size 34 to a size 31 and my body fat dropped from over 18 percent to under 12 percent.

My goal at the outset was to be able to see the outline of my abdominals. By the end of the challenge, I had accomplished that — and more.

After the No Limits Challenge, I did Super-Man with some friends and was able to lose an additional seven pounds and drop my body fat down to 10 percent while maintaining my strength. I also combined the program with Jim’s cardioacceleration tips.

From there, I moved on to the Ripped in 6 Challenge. I teamed up with Ashley Goldstein, creating "Team Intermittent Fast and Furious." I also joined up with a group of JYM members to start an accountability group we lovingly named "The Ripped in 6 Misfits."

I continued to shed fat and add muscle. When that challenge ended, I started Down and Up Mass and followed a version of Dieting 101 that helped me start a clean bulk, adding half an inch to my arms and adding 50 pounds to my deadlift PR, while only slightly increasing fat storage.

Prior to starting the challenges, I would have never believed that I could accomplish this. There were struggles — my diet had to be on point, I had to learn how to count macros, and cycle carbs. I had cheat meals to keep my metabolism firing, and there were days when I had to practice restraint.

I had to look at food differently. I always saw food as a hobby, not a source of fuel. Now I look at it like gasoline for a sports car. You get out what you put in.

My goal is to continue to add lean muscle while maintaining low body fat. I have a dream to open my own gym in the future. I can’t imagine a life devoid of fitness and exercise.

My family and friends constantly question what I eat and how I train because they have seen the progress I have made. I promote the JYM line to all my fitness friends because I truly believe it is the best product on the market. It is the only line that I use and ever plan to use.

My advice to new JYM Army members is to learn everything you can and how to apply it every day. Eat the foods that provide benefits, learn how to train correctly, and stay consistent. Log your workouts and your measurements to see your progress and never be afraid to make adjustments.


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