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Josh Batchelor

This 20-year-old learned how to gain size and strength while losing body fat through diet and supplementation.

Josh Batchelor

Written by Josh Batchelor

My goals were not super clear at first. I jumped into working out because I was known as the super skinny and small kid. I looked really awkward because of how unbuilt I was, and was an unsatisfying "skinny fat."

At first, I thought it would be, "let's work out, we will get huge and get six-pack abs." Just to put in perspective how little I knew...haha. I started out not able to even bench press 45-pound plates (135 pounds) and barely able to do a couple push-ups. It was pretty embarrassing, honestly.

The PRs I currently hold are: bench 235+ pounds, deadlift 425+ pounds, and squat 365 pounds. I am currently weighing in at 179 pounds at 20 years old. I was 200 pounds at my heaviest. I dropped over 20 pounds since the start of this summer.

I have done just about everything Jim offers and really only Jim’s programs. The programs he offers are so informative and are undeniably going to give you insane results.

So far I've done Show Time, Down and up Mass, Super Shredded 8, and Shortcut to Size/Shred. You name it, I've probably done it, with the exception of a few.

My nutrition journey is pretty interesting. Before I discovered Jim, I had no clue what to eat or why it was important to eat. I just thought you should lift and slam some protein powder and I will transform into a beast.

Well, that is not true at all. I hit a wall and I was getting frustrated. I was doing Jim’s programs and seeing light results. Then I decided it was time to change, so I started with Jim’s Dieting 101.

At the time, I weighed 200 pounds. I looked horrible and I felt horrible. A week went by of me hitting my macros and suddenly I felt so much better. I stepped on the scale and my weight was going down and my strength was GOING UP, WHILE LOSING FAT.

A month or so went by and I was down to 185 pounds. I went for a bench PR and I blew past my previous PR. I blew away my old PR on deadlift and on squat... WHILE LOSING WEIGHT.

My abs started showing, I grew more confident in my body, and I wanted more. I decided I was going to commit to carb cycling, and start really working my butt off.

I decided this November that I'm going to get in good enough shape to step on stage in a physique bodybuilding show. Right now, I weigh 179 pounds and carb cycling while doing Jim’s Show Time program.

If Jim made it, I take it. Not just because he says so, either. Do your research on Jim’s products and I promise — you will be sold. No proprietary blends; you know why each ingredient is in each one of his products, with doses and reasoning behind it.

Pro JYM (S'mores is my go-to), Shred JYM, Omega JYM, Vita JYM, Pre JYM, Post JYM active matrix and fast carbs. I fell in love with Jim’s products and I have a good reason to.

My biggest motivation was to get comfortable in my own body. I always wanted to have abs, but let me tell you, it's not an overnight thing, and you better work your butt off to get there.

I made so many lifestyle changes, I could write a book on it. I used to turn my head at a diet; I would say it was pointless.

I used to never even go to the gym, but I started after I graduated high school. I used to eat Taco Bell, or at another fast-food joint every day. I would eat frozen pizzas, frozen burritos, whatever you can think of that is unhealthy, I was indulging in.

Now I eat strategically placed cheat meals. I am eating healthy every day and only healthy options. I eat chicken, rice, sweet potatoes, broccoli, lean meats, and fish. You get the idea — I don't eat junk anymore and it changed my life.

I work basically a full-time job and go to college full-time. So I meal prep — I bring my meals with me to school or work or wherever else. That way, I am always fueled up and not reaching for the unhealthy options on campus. Meal prep is huge for me. I run a super busy schedule and meal prepping helps me so much in terms of getting my nutrition in wherever I am.

Even with all of this, I still go to the gym every single day, whether it's an active rest day or a training day. Excuses are no good, they get you nowhere, and there's always a way.

Making time for things is a huge obstacle. Everyone needs to practice balance in life; you cannot focus on just one thing. I try to improve myself on that every day, but sometimes it can be hard.

Kicking bad foods out of my daily routine was such a struggle, so I eased myself into it. If I really felt like I wanted something like a burrito, I would make it fit my macros; that way, it was not a total loss.

I still haven’t kicked it completely and I never will. I eat clean foods every day because I need to be the best I possibly can for my show coming up. However, that does not mean I don't look forward to my cheat meals;).

I get compliments all the time from friends, family, and other people I run into. People have told me, “you look so much better,” “you look a lot more shredded,” and “man, I wish I could look like you.” And believe me, you can and you can look WAY better than me.

I am nowhere near perfect and I have a long way to go, but I am doing my best to take the best route I can. Start slow if you need to. I would 100 percent suggest signing up for JimStoppani.com and reading some of his articles and following his programs.

He has everything you need to transform the right way. You will be impressed. Don't get discouraged either if you're afraid to go to the gym. Trust me we all have been there. I promise, people will not look at you and go “why is this guy here?” or any of that.

Prove them wrong. Stay dedicated for life and stay JYM ARMY STRONG.


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