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Alisa Johnson

This JYM Army member dedicated herself to losing weight and getting in better shape post-pregnancy and found success much earlier than expected.

Alisa Johnson

Written by Alisa Johnson

I began my fitness journey in April 2015 with the hope of losing some of the undesirable weight I gained with my pregnancy. I also wanted to be in better shape for my daughter. This way, I could more easily join her in her childhood activities and not have to watch her life from the sidelines.

My transformation, over only a six-month period, was more phenomenal than I could have imagined. I started my journey weighing 200 pounds with a body measurement total of 235.5 inches. Today I weigh 158 pounds with a body measurement total of 212.5 inches – a difference of 42 pounds and 23 inches.

To achieve my results, I began using Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size program because I needed structure and routine. My results gave me the motivation I needed to stay on track. After finishing the program, I immediately started researching what to do next. I decided that I would continue using a Stoppani program as my guideline since I was already impressed. This time, I was ready to devote all I had to bettering myself. I spent a few days straight watching the Shortcut to Shred program videos and taking thorough notes. I wanted to be sure I got all that this program had to offer.

I slowly learned more about nutrition throughout my journey and made improvements along the way. During Shortcut to Size, I started counting my macros, and by the end I had learned a great deal about how the body uses what you supply it with. I dove into Shortcut to Shred and followed Jim’s nutrition plan. My results came faster and my new knowledge helped me stay motivated.

During Shortcut to Size, I began with whatever supplements I could buy on a BOGO deal. Midway through, I started researching JYM products and decided I wanted to be full-on “JYM Army” by my next program. I invested $800 in JYM supplements right before starting Shortcut to Shred and never looked back! My body is performing great and I feel completely rejuvenated and refreshed every day, every workout.

I changed my life, and there is no easy or flattering way to say that. From what I eat on a daily basis to how I feel on the inside. I had to want a better me and I had to hold myself accountable every day. Being positive and knowing change would come in time with persistence was the biggest lifestyle change I had to make. Negativity was getting me nowhere except another day behind where I could be.

I would suggest taking progress pictures to anyone who plans to start this journey. That was one of my biggest keys to success, aside from everything else. There were many times when I felt like giving up because the scale wasn’t moving, so I would snap a few photos to compare. It never failed that I was amazed at how far I’d come and had a new sense of motivation!

The toughest obstacle I had to overcome on my journey was myself. It was hard for me to accept change and the fact that I needed it. For instance, I had started plateauing and it took a lot for me to realize I needed to change my nutrition. Who wants to accept that pizza and French fries are not okay for every meal?!

I’ve received a great deal of positive feedback from everyone I know regarding my physical change. The compliments are very flattering; however, my biggest accomplishment is that so many women my age have started coming to me for help and advice. I offer them all I know – I suggest that they begin by watching Jim’s videos about nutrition and how the body works because that was one of my biggest motivators.

I plan to continue on my fitness journey. I am very excited to see where my body will be six months from now. I am currently finishing Shortcut to Shred and will continue with another Stoppani program afterward.


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