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Don Goldstein

After years of frustrating trial and error, this JYM Army member finally discovered how to train, eat and supplement the right way.

Don Goldstein

Written by  Don Goldstein

For the last six years, I've been on a journey to better myself physically. Like many others, I made New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, build muscle, and perfect my physique.

My journey began in late 2010. I was 25, and at that point of my life I was at my heaviest weight: I was 190+ pounds with over 25 percent body fat. My diet consisted of anything I could order at a drive-through, and my workouts were nonexistent.

I continued to go through my days being unhappy with what I saw in the mirror and not trying enough. It seemed like I always had a plan to change, but temptation would get the best of me – until I realized I was allowing temptation to get the best of me. At that point, I decided to challenge the person in the mirror. I decided it was time to not only work at getting a nicer physique, but more importantly, get healthy.

I began by immediately cutting out culprits such as soda, fast food, and sweets from my diet. I started dieting and exercising. But this time, I was in charge and the goal was very clear: I was going to actually meet my goals and not quit until I was satisfied. My diet changed many times, though, since I wasn't sure what would or wouldn't work. I attempted many programs from any website that sounded right.

I tried the low-carb diet, counting calories, the Zone Diet, etc. These diets did help in my transformation, but they fell short because I wasn't 100 percent satisfied with my progress. It was a struggle to completely change my diet and bad habits. The unexpected challenge was actually cooking and prepping my own food, something I wasn't use to. It was definitely a change to prep foods, measure and cook and stay consistent. I began to see immediate changes from just my diet, and incorporating daily exercise routines accelerated these changes.

Finding the appropriate workout was just as difficult as finding the proper diet. I tried many different exercise routines, ones that I found online, heard about through friends, or by simply observing others at the gym. I tried high-intensity cardio, alternating muscle groups, heavy lifting days, anything that appeared to work. Although I began to see a decrease in pant size and weight, I was impatient for an immediate gain in strength and muscle.

After researching and being frustrated for months, I began to incorporate supplements, which I found to be really hit or miss. I began to take everything on the market. Protein powder, pre- and post-workouts were part of my daily regimen, and I used products from a variety of different supplement companies. But again, I found they either didn't meet the promises they advertised or they were only a temporary aid.

I was giving my undivided focus and dedication to reach my goal, but my frustration only grew as I hit a plateau. Then I came across Jim Stoppani and remembered his name from Muscle & Fitness. It wasn't until I followed him on JimStoppani.com that I actually began to see the changes I was looking for. It was as if I came across the potion for success.

I was encouraged to make crucial changes in my everyday routine. Jim also opened my eyes to a wealth of knowledge, such as how many companies incorporate protein spiking, which offsets results. I did many of his programs, such as MED, Power Pyramid, HIIT 100, Super-Man, SS8, Six Weeks to Sick Arms, Daily Grind, Back and Fourth, Down and Up Mass, as well as cardioacceleration and Tabatas. I did some of them three to five times throughout the years and I continue to follow them. I finally found something that gave me the results that I was looking for.

I decided if Jim's programs worked, then the diet and supplements must work as well. I jumped in right away and followed Jim's Muscle Building Rules and Dieting 101. I swear by all the JYM supplements: Post JYM, Pre JYM, Pro JYM, Alpha JYM, Shred JYM, Vita JYM, and ZMA JYM. They continue to provide consistent results.

Throughout my journey, I have seen highs and lows. I have wanted to quit many times, and I have attempted many workouts, diets, and supplements. Some failed, some showed promise, and some were simply a complete waste of time and money.

Between 2010 and 2012, my weight continued to yo-yo. I went from 190 pounds to a low of 160 pounds. I was on an emotional rollercoaster; the highs of losing weight and size, and the lows of frustration at not seeing results and muscle growth. Jim Stoppani came into my life at a crucial time, right when I was at a plateau and thought I had exhausted all my options.

In 2012, I started doing Jim Stoppani's workouts and diets, and took JYM supplements, which helped me gain muscle, develop a strong core, and overall better health. In addition, my performance has skyrocketed: My bench press PR went from 135 pounds to 315 pounds, while my squat PR went from 95 pounds to 315+ pounds.

I feel excellent. I am able to consistently work out at a high energy level, even with my demanding night-shift work schedule. I decided to share my journey on social media and have received very positive feedback from friends, family, and fans.

As one of Jim’s biggest fans, I share my struggles, experience, and advice with others and recommend nothing but Jim. Health and fitness is now a lifestyle and no longer feels like a goal. It has become a hobby and my therapy. I plan to continue my progress and fitness routine with the help of Jim Stoppani by staying consistent and not losing motivation. I challenge others to first and foremost stay consistent and to challenge the person they see in the mirror.

I am currently at 180 pounds and less than 12 percent body fat. These are my best practices: Follow Jim Stoppani, adopt his diets, workouts, and methods — they will not fail you! Staying consistent with his programs, which will help everyone reach their goals like I did. Staying consistent is a necessity, like air and water, and we hold the power.


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