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Jeremy Clark

This JYM Army member took his fitness results to the next level after turning 40... and he's hungry for more.

Jeremy Clark

Written by Jeremy Clark

In 2011, at 36 years old, I was working at a job that required a lot of physical labor. Every day I felt like I had been hit by a bus. I came to the realization that my biggest issue was being overweight. I was very disappointed that I was so out of shape at my age. I started doing some light cardio and light weight lifting, but had no idea what I was doing.

In 2012, I decided to get more serious about my weight loss and training so I started doing research online. That’s when I first learned about Jim Stoppani. He had just released his Shortcut to Shred program. I was instantly drawn to his way of educating and vast knowledge of training. I started Shortcut to Shred in July of 2012, and that’s when I consider my journey to have started.

Since then, I’ve completed 22 of Jim’s programs. I've repeated several of his workouts, such as Shortcut to Size, Shortcut to Shred, HIIT 100 and Super-Man, to name a few. In July of 2012, I weighed 230 pounds with 30+ percent body fat. The lowest weight I achieved was 170. I am currently at 195 pounds and my body fat percentage continues to decrease. I have used the JYM line of products since Pre JYM was first released.

In my supplement arsenal, I use Pre JYM, Post JYM, Pro JYM, Shred JYM, Alpha JYM, Omega JYM and ZMA JYM. Over the last couple of years, my biggest obstacle has been dieting. No matter how hard you work out, a horrible diet is not going to yield results.

In August of 2015, I once again found myself disappointed that I had busted my butt in the gym but that my lack of results was due to not eating clean. I dissected Jim’s Dieting 101 article and on August 9th I jumped into clean eating. In the last four months, I've gotten more results than I ever did in the previous three years.  

Being involved on Jim’s social media channels has been a great way to keep me motivated. With the addition of the JYM Army Facebook page, there’s not a day that goes by when you can’t get motivation from there!

The biggest thing I’ve learned from this is that you’re not going to get where you want to be quickly. There will be many obstacles that come and go,and some trial and error that will need to be figured out. Fitness is a journey and you have to keep moving forward no matter how slow you may be progressing. I’m not where I want to be, but I'm farther along than I was four months ago. My goal for 2016 is to get below 12% body fat and to continue to be involved on the JYM Army Facebook page.

I would like to thank my wife, Molly, for keeping me in line when the need arises, for understanding my fitness obsession and for making my eggs every morning! Jim Stoppani has changed my life, and for that I'm greatly appreciative in more ways than words can describe. I just turned 41 and I know 2016 will bring the best yet for me.


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