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Lesly Donahoe

Off medications and stronger than ever, this 47-year-old is all-in on training hard and eating right.

Lesly Donahoe

Written by Lesly Donahoe

My name is Lesly Donahoe and I'm 47 years old. I started my fitness journey on my own six years ago and lost over 60 pounds — the unhealthy way.

This was the only way I knew: Don't eat and you'll lose weight. All this sent me into a whirlwind of health problems — Graves disease, high cholesterol (with meds), and poor circulation on my right side.

I smoked, ate whatever I wanted, and never exercised. I knew no one who was fit. I got down to 127 pounds and was WORSE off than when I was overweight. Out of complete boredom, and being newly divorced, I joined our local gym. I knew nothing about lifting weights, how to eat right, or what a supplement even was.

After two years of this — learning different exercises, making absolutely minimum changes, just gaining my weight back — my son discovered Jim Stoppani programs and told me to try Shortcut to Shred. So, 22 months ago, I did and my life was forever changed. I made tremendous progress and fell in love with the program.

Since then, I've done nothing but Jim's programs including Super-Man, Shortcut to Size, 3 Prong Strong, Down and Up Mass, Shortcut to Strength, SS8, and Back and Fourth, which I didn't complete because I started the Ripped in 6 Challenge (my very first Challenge), and I also use JYM supplements.

I'm off all medications and I'm in PERFECT health. I never thought at my age I would want muscle, but now I can't get enough!


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