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Tiffany Beggs

This JYM Army member is living proof that a strong, lean, muscular physique looks great on a woman.

Tiffany Beggs

Written by Tiffany Beggs

I've always been active and healthy, but not always in the best shape. While I was on my second operational deployment in 2015, I decided that I wanted fitness to become a lifestyle, not just a "I'll eat less and run" thing to do when I think I'm fat.

When I returned home, I purchased my first piece of exercise equipment to start a home gym and began learning about proper nutrition. For the first six months, my goal was just to be skinny, so I did mainly HIIT (high-intensity interval training) and restricted my calorie intake. Thankfully, in September 2015, I came across an article about Jim Stoppani. I checked out his website, watched some YouTube videos, and read reviews about his JYM supplement line. It was then that I decided I didn't want to be skinny like everyone thinks girls should be. I wanted to be strong and gain lean muscle mass and not care what people thought.

I've been doing Jim Stoppani programs for over a year now and I’ve gone from 130 pounds and 24 percent body fat to 147 pounds and 13 percent body fat, and I've definitely increased my strength and confidence.

I started my first Jim Stoppani program — Shortcut to Shred — in October 2015. I was seeing great results until I injured my back, which resulted in surgery and I had to stop lifting. I didn't want that to stop me, so one week after surgery, I was lying on the floor doing dumbbell and bodyweight exercises until I could stand properly.

By April 2016, I was strong enough to lift heavy again, so I started with HIIT 100 then moved onto Super-Man, Super Shredded 8 and then did HIIT 100 again. I completed all these programs in my home gym, as I didn't have the confidence to work out in public.

I am currently on my third operational deployment, so I was forced to step outside my comfort zone and use a public gym. I was determined enough to overcome my fear of judgment and completed The Daily Grind program with great results. I’m currently doing 3 Prong Strong and will do 5,3,2 Strength next before returning home.

I follow the Dieting 101 guidelines to build my meal plans and count my macros. I find having a program and a meal plan to follow is much easier to stay on track. Meal prep is key — I make a plan and get groceries on Saturday and prepare all my meals for the week on Sunday. I don’t eat chicken and vegetables all the time; if it fits my macros, I have a donut (or two). To lift more you need to eat more. Girls, that doesn't mean you will look like a man or get fat; it means that with the correct nutrition and workout plans, you will become strong, lean and beautiful. (Guys, you will be beautiful too!)

I used to go into a supplement store and buy whatever was on offer without any knowledge of the product and would not get any results. In 2015, however, I started with Pre JYM, Pro JYM and Post JYM, followed by Vita JYM, Shred JYM, ZMA JYM, Omega JYM, and CLA. The difference is I now know exactly what I am taking and how to take it, thanks to Jim’s JYM Supplement Users Guide. The results speak for themselves.

Because I travel a lot for work, I like to spend time with my husband and son when I am home, so I do find it hard to stay on track and be motivated at times. But they have both embraced this lifestyle with me, and are both very encouraging, especially when I have a donut — my son reminds me that I better do a workout!

I do everything I can to get it done, and seeing the results in the mirror keeps me going and makes all the hard work and sacrifices worth it. Since joining the JYM Army Facebook page, it has been the best motivator, since everyone is on the same journey and they support you like family. I have made some great friends all over the world.

I believe I have now set the foundation and have only just started to become what I set out to be. I now have the knowledge and skills required to continue to become stronger. It takes time, but you need to trust the process, be consistent and believe in yourself in order to be successful. My best advice is to be who you want to be and become what you want to be, not what somebody else thinks you should be.



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