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Introducing… The Life Chef

Chef Seth Santoro will be cooking up delicious, protein-packed recipes and cooking tips exclusively for JimStoppani.com members.

Introducing… The Life Chef

I want to introduce you all to a new exclusive contributor to JimStoppani.com...

Chef Seth Santoro, a health and nutrition coach and founder of The Life Chef here in Los Angeles.

Seth’s role on JimStoppani.com will mainly be sharing delicious, healthy, muscle-friendly recipes and helpful cooking tips via both articles and videos. He’ll also be a presence on the JYM Army Facebook page, as well as his personal social media accounts (The Life Chef on Facebook and/or sethjtoro on Instagram), so feel free to reach out to him for any food/cooking-related questions.

I think you’ll find Seth’s recipes to be much more creative than most of the ones I’d come with – plus, I eat at restaurants a lot since I travel so much these days – so he’ll be a great addition to JimStoppani.com. More than that, he’s into fitness and training just like everyone in the JYM Army, so he’s always mindful of proper macronutrient profiles in his recipes (including high protein content).

Here’s an introductory video I shot

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