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JYM 2.0 Statement

The new "JYM 2.0" products are more than just new labels at a new store. JYM 2.0 represents the latest evolution of the most transparent, most effective, supplements on the market – thanks in large part to the JYM Army.

JYM 2.0 Statement

What is JYM 2.0? It’s JYM Supplement Science evolved. Same ground-breaking formulas, same great results, just with minor “tweaks” made to better satisfy hard-training men and women across the world. #JYMArmy members spoke, and I heard them loud and clear. They said they wanted all-natural products with no artificial flavors or dyes, and I now offer an all-natural flavor for each of my powders – Pre JYM, Post JYM and Pro JYM. Many #JYMArmy members are vegan or vegetarian, so now ALL JYM capsules are vegetable-based and contain no pork or beef.

JYM 2.0 is the product line the #JYMArmy helped me evolve, and I can’t thank this passionate, relentless, diverse group of individuals enough. Their feedback was invaluable. The JYM Army represents the consumer – you and me. That’s who I started JYM Supplement Science for in the first place back in 2013. Since then, JYM has evolved, in terms of the JYM 2.0 supplement line as well as the educational offerings at JimStoppani.com.

Going forward, JYM Supplement Science will strive every day to continue evolving. As an educator, I have a lot to teach, but I also have a lot to learn, so keep the feedback coming. Never stop learning and never stop evolving, no matter what you do.


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