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The Beginner's Blueprint Overview

The Beginner's Blueprint Overview

The 30-day Beginner's Blueprint exercise program is catered to true beginners that want to change their habits, can be done at home with little or no equipment, and only consists of two short resistance workouts per week plus low-impact walking you can do anytime and anywhere. It will put you on the path to losing weight and achieving the body and health you want – all with minimal time investment.

If you didn’t know where to start before, now you do. Start right here!

Beginner's Blueprint Program Overview

The Beginner's Blueprint program is a 4-week plan consisting of only two resistance workouts per week for the first three weeks, and then adding a third resistance workout in the fourth and final week. The other days of the week are “off days” from working out, though low-intensity walks are recommended to keep you staying active.

Every resistance workout in the Beginner's Blueprint program is a full-body routine, where all major muscle groups are being worked each time out. Full-body workouts are best for beginners, but more than that, this method is ideal for burning maximal calories for faster weight loss results.


What Muscles are Worked with Beginner's Blueprint Workouts?

Beginner's Blueprint workouts were designed to be as efficient as possible, with no wasted movements and no “filler” exercises. In the first two weeks of the program, you’ll be doing only four exercises per workout – one for the lower body, targeting the glutes, quadriceps, and hamstrings; one upper body “push” exercise that will work the chest, shoulders, and triceps; one upper body “pull” exercise that targets the various muscles of the upper back; and one core exercise that targets at least one major area of the midsection (abs, obliques, lower back, and/or other deep core muscles).

Will four exercises per workout be enough to produce results? Absolutely. If it’s been a while since you’ve worked out consistently, it won’t take much exercise volume to initiate changes and increase strength. Plus, those four exercises are collectively hitting all the largest muscles in the body. 

Most importantly, you’re establishing a habit. By doing this program, you’re changing your mindset and training your body to start craving being active. 

In the last two weeks, you’ll add three exercises to each workout (for a total of seven) – an additional exercise each for the lower body, upper body push, and upper body pull. This step-up in volume is necessary for continued progress, or “progressive overload” as it's called in fitness circles.



The Basics Behind the Workouts – Reps, Weight, Intensity

Three major variables involved in any resistance training program are volume, intensity, and load (weight). Volume refers mainly to the number of

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