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4 Lessons For a Shredded Physique

Summer Shred Challenge grand prize winner Feather Wright shares the key factors that put her over the top in losing body fat, gaining muscle, getting stronger and transforming her physique.

4 Lessons For a Shredded Physique

The 2016 Summer Shred Challenge on JimStoppani.com reinforced a couple things I've known for many years: (1) If you set a goal, commit to it and bust your ass to achieve it, you'll get the health, fitness and physique results you want; and (2) this truism doesn't just apply to men. Women are just as capable as guys of getting stronger, more muscular and leaner!

Feather Wright is living proof of this as the recent grand prize winner of the Summer Shred Challenge. No, not the female winner of the challenge – the OVERALL winner, period. She won an all-expenses paid trip to Mr. Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas for her hard work and dedication, but in my opinion that prize pales in comparision to the less tangible awards a person receives through a physical transformation. Confidence, a sense of accomplishment, the unique feeling of empowerment that comes when you realize you have control of your body and your life – that's more valuable than any grand prize I can offer.

I was so impressed and inspired by Feather's results that I wanted her to share her keys to success with everyone. Sure, you can look at the Super Shredded 8 workouts and meal plans to see how she trained and what she ate during the two-month period, but that doesn't tell the whole story. There are many other factors involved in changing your body. Feather Wright offers insight into four of those factors right here...


By Feather Wright

#1 Be Precise

This tip covers many aspects of your fitness lifestyle. I personally don't prep meals ahead of time because I enjoy fresh foods; however, I create my meal plan on target with my macros, measuring all my foods in grams. I weigh everything – supplements and food – to make sure I'm getting the all the right amounts. I also make sure to drink at least a gallon or more of water everyday.

This advice also covers keeping track of your weight lifted in the gym, how many sets and reps you did and tracking your body fat and bodypart measurements. Jim has made all of this easy with the calendar function on his website and the Jim Stoppani app that allows you to log your workouts on the go. The key is logging the info the same way every time. For example, if you use 20-pound dumbbells for biceps curls and log it as "20 pounds" this week, make sure next week you don’t log the total weight of 40 pounds for both dumbbells. When performing additional cardio or other workouts, add those activities to your calendar to reflect what you're doing most accurately.

Each week on my progress photo day I took body measurements, calculated my body fat and weighed myself. You should always do these things at the same time of day, and using the same tools if possible. I personally did all of this upon waking and prior to drinking and eating or working out for the day to give the most precise picture of my progress.

#2 Surround Yourself with Like-Minded People

I understand this can be hard for some people. We don’t all have supportive spouses. Thankfully my husband supports me in every way and will be joining me in the Super-Man Challenge! If you have friends who are fit, enjoy working out, eat healthy or any combination of those interests, make time to be around them. Learn from others as much as possible and tell them about your goals. They'll help keep you accountable and share your joy when you accomplish those goals.

We don’t all have friends that share our fitness interests, which can be difficult. In times like these, I try to meet people at the gym that I admire or see crushing their workouts everyday. You can also search for fitness role models and follow them on social media. It's important to have the support of others who share your healthy, fit lifestyle – they'll enable you to become better!

#3 Commit 100%

This doesn’t need a lot of explanation. To be successful, you must be fully committed to your nutrition, workout program, rest and recovery, and achieving your goals. Some days are very hard – we all have those days. But it's your commitment and dedication that will get you to the gym while on vacation. This drive will help you on days when you must rearrange your schedule to get your workout in at 4:00 am; eat all the food on your plan even though you feel stuffed; or not eat foods that will take you over your allowed carbs for the day. You can do it if you're 100% committed to reaching your goals.

#4 Stay Active in the JYM Army

This is my favorite tip! If you struggle to find friends that support your goals, the JYM Army is your solution. Need motivation for a difficult day, meal plan ideas or have questions about a workout, supplements or just fitness in general? The JYM Army is full of people – from experienced fitness competitors and moderators who can help answer any questions you may have, to beginners and newbies to the fitness community. What's great about the JYM Army is that everyone supports your goals and motivates you to succeed. Don’t be embarrassed to post pictures – we all started from a place we didn't want to be and have been there ourselves. When you sign up for challenges, it's so cool to see others doing the same program at the same time as you; it gives you a sense of belonging and understanding. Contribute to the group and you'll be amazed at how much you gain!


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