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Linear Full-Body Micros

This 5-day full-body program will take you from high reps to low reps to promote muscle-building as well as power and strength.

Linear Full-Body Micros

You're going to get stronger head to toe – literally – with a more muscular physique and some added brain power.

This program and the three that will follow it are intended as much to educate you as to deliver gains in size, strength, and fat loss. What you’re about to get is a crash course in periodization – the systematic manipulation of acute training variables over a period of days, months, and/or years.

In this case, you’ll be utilizing and learning about periodization one week at a time via the three most common forms of periodization (linear, reverse linear, and undulating), plus a fourth (pendulum training) that combines the first two.

This will be the schedule of full-body periodized workouts over the course of five weeks:

Week 1: Linear Periodization (5 workouts)

Week 2: Reverse Linear Periodization (5 workouts)

Week 3: Undulating Periodization (5 workouts)

Weeks 4 and 5: Pendulum Training (12 workouts)

Before I start getting into the details of the programs, I’ll call attention to my Using Periodization article here on JimStoppani.com. This piece gives a thorough explanation of all four periodization schemes I’m going to be using in the programs. Read that article in its entirety if you want to learn the background of periodization, a concept that was first established back by Eastern Bloc countries in the 1950s.

In this series of programs, I’m going to be employing periodization quite a bit differently than its traditionally used. First of all, in keeping with my “Train With Jim” concept, all workouts will be full-body routines, training all muscle groups each time out.

Moreover, I’m going to be presenting periodization on a “micro” level.

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