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Pendulum Full-Body Micros

This 2-week program combines periodization schemes for 12 full-body workouts that will collectively enhance size, strength, endurance, and fat-burning.

Pendulum Full-Body Micros

In recent Train with Jim articles, I've taken you through three different periodization schemes: linear, reverse linear, and undulating. Now, it's time to combine the first two via Pendulum Training and conclude the "Micros" (short for microcyles) series with the following 2-week full-body program.

With Pendulum Training, you "swing" back and forth between linear and reverse linear periodization. The benefit here is that it allows a specific rep range to be hit more frequently.

For example, in this 2-week Pendulum Full-Body Micros program, we'll start with the 8-10-rep range, go as high as 20-25 reps per set and as low as 2-3 reps per set. Yet over the course of 12 workouts (six per week), we only hit the 20-25-rep range and the 2-3-rep range once. The 8-10 rep range, however, is used in four of those 12 workouts. The 12-15 and 4-6-rep ranges are each hit in three of the workouts since they’re closer to the 8-10-rep range.

That makes this Pendulum program great for building both muscle size and strength, since reps in the 8-10, and even 12-15, range are ideal for muscle growth. Yet reps in

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