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Reverse Linear Full-Body Micros

With this 5-day routine, you'll start off with heavy weights and low reps and progressively lighten the loads and increase rep counts to maximize muscle-building.

Reverse Linear Full-Body Micros

With a week of linear periodization under your belt, it's time to flip the reps upside down with reverse linear periodization to put an even greater emphasis on building muscle.

While linear periodization is best known for increasing strength and power, the reverse linear model has been shown to maximize muscle hypertrophy or endurance strength – depending on the rep range the program finishes off with. In this case, there will be more of a hypertrophy bias, as the highest rep counts you'll see will be 16-20 per set.

These reps should sound familiar, as they're the exact same ones I used in the linear full-body micros 5-day program – just in the opposite order this time around. Here's how the week of reverse linear microcycles will look:

Workout 1: 3-5 reps**

Workout 2: 6-8 reps**

Workout 3: 9-11 reps*

Workout 4: 12-15 reps*

Workout 5: 16-20 reps*

Note: You’ll do three sets of each exercise in all workouts.

*On the last set, after reaching failure, do one rest-pause set.

**On the last set, after reaching failure, do one drop set.

As you can see, you'll start off heavy and go progressively lighter (with higher reps) each workout. As I stated in the linear micros article, the microcycles in this series of articles will be occuring on a daily basis – as opposed to a weekly or monthly basis like you'd see in traditional periodization models that athletes follow when training for a competition months, or even years, out.

In essence, the reverse linear model starts with the power and strength phases, where loads are heavy and reps are low (3-5 reps and 6-8 reps in this case in Workouts 1 and 2). Workout 3 is where you start to get into the true hypertrophy work, after establishing a base of strength in previous workouts.

Being able to lift heavier weight for the desired number of reps during the hypertrophy phase can result in significant gains in muscle mass as well as muscle endurance. This is the whole premise behind reverse linear periodization.

Below are the five workouts ("microcycles") in the full-body reverse linear periodized program. After this, I'll be covering undulating periodization via five more days of full-body microcycles to continue this series of Train With Jim articles.

In the meantime, enjoy the muscle-building workouts this week!

Reverse Linear Full-Body Workouts

Workout 1

Workout 2

Workout 3

Workout 4

Workout 5

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