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SS8 At Home Program Overview

The band-only version of the original 8-week Super Shredded 8 fat loss program.

SS8 At Home Workout

Super Shredded 8 has been my most popular fat-loss training program for a number of years. Tens of thousands of men and women have gotten leaner, more muscular, and completely transformed their physiques using SS8.

SS8 used to require a fully equipped gym, due to the variety of equipment employed in the workouts. Not anymore.

Welcome to SS8 At Home – the exact same 8-week periodized programming as the original version, only using resistance bands almost exclusively (plus some bodyweight exercises).

Everything’s the same except for the equipment, including the same SS8 fat loss, conditioning, and muscle-building results. Welcome to a new, yet familiar, SS8. Welcome Home!

What Resistance Bands Should I Use?

Obviously, I recommend my JYM Strength Bands. The complete set includes 14 different bands of varying resistances, three sets of handles, ankle straps, door anchors, and other accessories. It’s a complete system of resistance bands that will work perfectly for the SS8 At Home program, and – with over 400 pounds of total overall resistance – at a much lower cost than an equivalent set of free weights (dumbbells and/or barbell and plates).

That said, if the JYM bands are sold out, any number of resistance band sets will work. To do SS8 At Home most effectively, you'll need multiple bands of varying resistances to execute all the different rep ranges and superset pairings in the program.

Bodylastics is the company that makes the JYM Strength Bands, and they offer similar sets on Amazon. If you can’t find my JYM bands, I recommend Bodylastics. Or, if you already own another complete set of bands, go ahead and use that.

SS8 Workout Overview

The program design of SS8 At Home compared to the original is exactly the same – same training split, same volume (total number of sets), same rep ranges, same superset and pre-exhaust methods, same Tabata HIIT.

The only differences are, of course, the equipment (bands only in this version, versus free weights, cables, and machines in the original) and the slight exercise tweaks that needed to be made as a result.

Here’s a quick rundown of the underlying SS8 principles that remain unchanged in SS8 At Home…

SS8 At Home Training Split

SS8 At Home follows the same training split as the gym-based SS8 program: a 3-day split (meaning, all muscle groups in the body are trained over the course of three workouts), repeated twice a week for six weekly workouts. Perform these workouts any six days of the week you want – Monday through Saturday, every day but Wednesday, whatever.

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SS8 Supersets

The “Super” part of the program name comes from supersets. Aside from Tabata HIIT intervals (which I’ll discuss shortly), all exercises in SS8 are performed as supersets – two exercises performed back-to-back with no rest.

The specific type of supersets used in SS8 are actually compound sets, which simply means that both exercises in the superset pairing train the same muscle group (two chest exercises, two leg exercises, two back exercises, etc.).

The other distinguishing feature of SS8 supersets is the use of pre-exhaustion, where a single-joint (isolation) exercise is performed before a multijoint (compound) move as a means of exhausting the target muscle group and promoting greater growth.

The way SS8 is laid out, you’ll do two superset pairings per muscle group in every workout (except for forearms, traps, and calves, which only get one superset per). For the most part, the second superset pairing for each muscle group employs pre-exhaust, while the first involves traditional exercise order (compound move before

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