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#StoppaniBlitz Active Rest Challenge Week

Get ready for the upcoming New Year’s Challenge – and have a chance to win FREE JYM products – with these 7 daily active rest “mini-challenges.”

#StoppaniBlitz Active Rest Challenge Week

My New Year’s Challenge officially begins on Tuesday (January 1), and you’re free to start the New Year New You program on that day, as soon as the calendar turns to 2019.

Personally, I’ll be taking an “active rest” week on the heels of Down and Up Mass Full-Split before starting the New Year’s Challenge workouts on Monday, January 7. If you've been following me lately, you know I'm a big proponent of active rest days instead of just sitting around on weekends; other active rest day workouts I have on the site include my Winners Weekend Weider System Full-Body Builder and Lucky 13 Circuit.

If you want to train alongside me, doing the exact workouts I’m doing on the same days, join me for a week of #TrainWithJim “mini-challenges” – aka, the Stoppani Blitz. There will be seven consecutive days of mini-challenges, starting Monday, December 31, and wrapping up Sunday, January 6.

I’ll be going over the challenges on my Facebook page all week, doing video explanations of each and giving away great prizes – including FREE JYM products.

7 Days, 7 Winners

As you do the mini-challenges, post a video of yourself doing any one or all of the challenges to the JYM Army group page, using the hashtag #StoppaniBlitz, at any time during the week. The video you post can be ANY one of the challenges during the week. It doesn’t have to be the one you’re doing that day; however, you only have this one week (December 31 through January 6, 2019) to load your video to have a chance to WIN a free 30-serving Pre JYM container signed by me.

I'll be selecting seven (7) winning videos total and announcing the winners at the end of the week. Videos will be judged not only on how well the mini-challenge was performed (i.e., how many reps were achieved and shown in the video), but also on passion, effort and determination, creativity, entertainment value, and overall inspirational content. The criteria here isn't anything scientific. Me and the JYM Team will choose our seven favorite videos in an unbiased fashion.

The seven winners may or may not encompass all seven mini-challenges. A challenge could end up having more than one winning video. I'll be selecting the seven best videos for the week, period.

#StoppaniBlitz Mini-Challenges

This “active rest” week will serve as the perfect transition into the New Year’s Challenge. You’ll go into the 6-week program with some training under your belt while also feeling fresh and ready to tackle the intense challenge workouts. And you may even win some nice JYM swag in the process!

So let's get started. Below is a quick day-by-day rundown of what the mini-challenges will entail.

Day 1 (Monday): Push-Up Challenge

It's "International Chest Day" (unofficially) in gyms all over the world, so today’s challenge is to see how many push-ups (predominantly a chest exercise) you can do throughout the day. Squeeze in 5, 10, 20 at a time (or however many you want) during the day and keep a running tally.

At the end of the day, record how many total push-ups you did from waking up to going to bed and post your final tally on the JYM Army Facebook page under my Monday push-ups mini-challenge post/video. How many push-ups will you do? A few hundred? A thousand? More than that??? (We'll be operating under the Honor System here, so please be truthful about your rep tallies in all mini-challenges.)

My goal will be 500 push-ups for the day.

Day 2 (Tuesday): Plank Challenge

How’s that New Year's hangover? Don’t worry, today’s challenge won’t require much movement, but it will still be a physical challenge. Since you probably want to lie face down all day anyway, here’s an exercise you can do in that very position: a plank.

How long total can you hold a plank today? Throughout the day, hold a plank at various times. Record the time you held it for each session, and then post your total time in the comments under my Tuesday plank mini-challenge video.

My goal for the day will be to hold a plank for more than 20 minutes total (cumulative).

Day 3 (Wednesday): Stair-Climb Challenge

On hump day, let's see how many flights of stairs you can pump out throughout the day. Any opportunity you have to take the stairs, do it. If you have stairs at home, go up and down them more often than normal. If you encounter an elevator in a public place, take the stairs instead.

At the end of the day, post your total flights of stairs under my Wednesday mini-challenge video. My goal will be 50 flights of stairs.

Day 4 (Thursday): Pro JYM Pinch-Grip Challenge

For #ThumbsUpThursday, we're going to do a mini-challenge that involves the thumbs: a pinch grip training session. For this mini-challenge, you'll hold either a full 4-pound Pro JYM tub out in front of you at arms' length or a 2-pound Pro JYM tub out to the side. The catch is that you have to hold the lid of the Pro JYM with only your fingertips (pinch grip).

Record how long you can hold the tub out in front of you (4-pound tub) or to the side (2-pound tub) in the comments below my Thursday mini-challenge video.

Day 5 (Friday): Jump Challenge

Jump for joy, it's Friday! How many jumping jacks can you complete today from morning to bedtime?

Post your daily total under my Friday jumping jacks mini-challenge video.

Day 6 (Saturday): Chore Challenge

Weekends aren't really made for rest. For many of us, Saturdays are reserved for more work – work around the house, that is. Gardening, house cleaning, etc. Turn that housework into your active rest day “workout.”

How many hours can you stay on your feet today doing a variety of housework or other manual labor? Keep a tally of these hours (and minutes) of labor and record it under my Saturday mini-challenge video on the JYM Army Facebook page.

Day 7 (Sunday): Running (in place) Challenge

Running in place can be a great way to stay active no matter how confined the area or what you’re doing. For example, if you tune into the LIVE tutorial for my New Year's Challenge on Sunday, don’t sit and watch. Run in place and watch! Throughout the day, take any and every opportunity to run in place, wherever you are.

How long can you run in place today before bedtime? Post your hours/minutes under my Sunday running in place mini-challenge video. My goal will be 30 minutes total of running in place.

Day 8 (Monday)...

Start the 2019 New Year's Challenge! (If you haven't already started it.)



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