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Winners Weekend Weider System Full-Body Builder

This updated version of a classic Joe Weider full-body workout will enhance size, strength, and conditioning and promote better recovery.

Winners Weekend Weider Full Body Builder

Old-school training recently got a “new school” modification when I took my Countdown to Strength Challenge winners Jacqueline and Robert through a seemingly outdated workout. But "old" doesn’t mean "ineffective," at least not in this case.

The full-body, high-intensity workout you’ll find below is great for building muscle, burning body fat, and enhancing cardiovascular conditioning. I specifically designed it as a one-off active rest day workout to be performed on off days from whatever JimStoppani.com program you happen to be following at a given time. (Other active rest day workouts I have on the site include my Lucky 13 Circuit and 7 Station Shred.)

A lot of people (including myself) do their formal training during the week, with weekends reserved for other activities. Consider this workout more of a Saturday or Sunday active recovery session, but trust me, it’s thorough and intense enough to burn tons of calories, build muscle, and be considered a legitimate workout. It’s no walk in the park.

Old School Meets New School

For the workout, I went back to my bodybuilding and fitness roots – we’re talking about some of my earliest experiences as a kid working out. I took one of the very first Joe Weider publications I ever had and, as we used to do back in the days of paper magazines, tore a page out and did the workout.

Here's a shot of the original Joe Weider workout posters:

The original Joe Weider plan is a full-body, beginner-level program. Even though it’s really good as originally written, I updated it a bit to share with the challenge winners as well as all my other followers and JimStoppani.com members.

Professionally, I consider myself an educator and teacher above of all else, and I always strive to teach people new ways to train. In this case, the new way to train is actually based off a very old workout from The Master Blaster himself. The thing to remember is this: Just because something's old doesn’t mean it’s no longer effective; and just because something’s new doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better.

Many of Joe Weider’s principles and training practices have stood the test of time, this workout included. Granted, I’m putting my own spin on it, but without Joe first...

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