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7 Station Shred

Burn fat, enhance overall conditioning and build muscle with this challenging station workout.

7 Station Shred

When the winners of the 2015 Holiday Shred Challenge (Alisa Faye Tetrault and Anthony Touart) came out to Los Angeles recently as their grand prize (all expenses paid!), I took them and my JYM team through the rigors of a seven-station full body workout, complete with cardioacceleration.

For the rest of you who weren't able to join us at The JYM, you can still do the workout on your own. It's great for increasing cardiovascular conditioning and burning fat while also helping you build some muscle.

Here are the details:

  • The workout consists of seven different stations/lifting exercises: 1 Glute-Ham Raise (or back extensions as an optional substitute; 2 Standing Dumbbell Shoulder Press; 3 Squats (back squat or front squat – your choice); 4 Smith Machine Hip Thrust (aka, weighted reverse crunch); 5 Lat Pulldown; 6 Bench Press (flat, incline or decline bench – your choice); 7 Power Clean (or hang clean or high pull as an optional substitute). 
  • Each station/exercise has a different cardioacceleration move to be performed for 60 seconds after each set: 1 Battling Ropes; 2 Bench Hop-Overs; 3 Hanging Leg Raise; 4 Bench Step-Up with Rising Knee; 5 Mountain

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