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Best Reps for More Muscle and Strength

Mixing periodization schemes and rep ranges is the key consistent gains.

Best Reps for More Muscle and Strength

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There are two types of workout programs:

  1. Those that deliver decent short-term results but quickly stagnate so that your gains plateau for months, or even years. 
  2. And those that deliver steady, dependable results in size and strength over months, and even years.

Which would you prefer? The choice is obvious.

The difference between these two scenarios is periodization, a systematic approach to training that involves varying the number of repetitions (reps) performed and the weight used in a progressive manner.

Generally speaking, the first type of workout program does not utilize periodization correctly, whereas the second type does.

There are several different models of periodization , and if getting sustained results was as simple as just picking one of these models and sticking to it indefinitely, everyone could be a master personal trainer.

But it’s not that simple. The real magic lies in mixing different periodization schemes in just the right manner, knowing when to change up the reps in your workouts (while adjusting resistance accordingly), and in which direction to go (higher or lower).

So many so-called “experts” claim they know the best rep ranges for getting bigger and stronger when the truth is that low, high, and moderate reps alike can achieve these results. The key is knowing how to use all the different rep ranges to unlock consistent gains, so let’s get into it…

Understanding Periodization

The most commonly recognized form of periodization is linear periodization. This technique starts with lighter weights for higher reps (around

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