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Better Body, More Money

The numerous parallels of fitness and finance start with a basic tenet: diversification.

Better Body, More Money

By Joe Wuebben

I believe in good fitness and good personal finances (among other things). Having control of both, not just one or the other, will make your life better, easier, and more enjoyable. Being a mess in either one, not to mention both, can be a disaster. It’s not healthy, it’s insanely stressful, and it’s likely to cause you much pain.

And why do I mention these two things together, fitness and finance? Is it because I think they’re the two most important things in life? No. I’d say a third “F” – family – is more important.

I often talk about the two areas in the same breath because they’re so damn similar. They parallel each other in so many (though not quite all) ways.

I first wrote on this topic in a 2013 issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine, on the backpage column we used to call “Last Set.” I called that particular article “Muscle & Finance” as a play off of the magazine’s the name.

I’m going to make a habit of calling out fitness and finance parallels when they come to mind, starting here...

Fitness & Finance Parallel #1: Diversification is Key

In finance, putting all your eggs in one basket leaves you at substantial risk of losing all your money if that one basket happens

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