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Maximize Mass Gain With Shortcut To Shred

How to turn ANY of my programs into a mass-gaining plan or a fat-burning program.

Maximize Mass Gain With Shortcut To Shred

My weight-training routines are designed with three main goals in mind: build more muscle, increase muscle strength and maximize performance.

Whether the program is Shortcut To Size, a.k.a. Micro Muscle, or Shortcut To Shred, a.k.a. 1-2-3 Lean, those are the three main goals that both of those weight-training programs, as well as 99% of my other training programs, focus on. Whether or not the program is also designed to maximize fat loss really comes down to the diet and the cardio involved.

When you take a look at just the weight-training portion of Shortcut To Shred and ignore the cardioacceleration, forget the diet and really focus just on the actual weight training, you notice that the periodization involved, the exercises selected and the intensity techniques used, all work very well to maximize muscle growth and strength gains.

This all becomes even more apparent as you go through the program and get massively stronger and build more muscle all while you are melting away body fat like nobody's business. Thousands of people have actually broken their PRs on the bench press, squat and deadlift, while getting to their lowest body-fat percentage ever. Despite these gains in strength and mass, the name of the program, not to mention the insane fat-loss results everyone gets from it, allows for few to see beyond the fat-loss benefits of Shortcut To Shred.

Shortcut To Shred actually makes a great mass-gaining and strength-gaining program for those who truly want to maximize their mass and strength gains.

All you have to do is manipulate the diet and possibly the cardioacceleration. And the opposite can be said of my Shortcut To Size. Yes, you can actually use Shortcut to Size as a very effective fat-loss program. Again, all you have to do is change the diet and the cardio.

To use Shortcut To Shred as a mass-gaining program, start as you normally would with Phase 1 of the diet.

Phase 1 of the Shortcut To Shred diet is perfect for most people for making lean-mass gains. It's a great starting point to see how your body reacts to the food and the training. In Phase 1, you're consuming about 17 calories per pound of body

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