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Rise and Shine Workout

My morning ritual primes me to burn fat, build muscle, and operate at full capacity all day long.

Rise and Shine Workout

I have a morning workout ritual I go through just about every day: a short but impactful routine that primes my body to be a muscle-building, fat-burning machine all day long. A power habit that flips the switch and allows me to start my day off right.

It's a combination of 4 bodyweight exercises, 1 set each.

I call it my Rise and Shine Workout:

1) Push-Up
2) Step-Up
3) Doorway Row*
4) Crunch

*See below for an instructional video on how to do doorway rows.

I typically do one round of these four exercises, in the order listed, with each set taken to muscle failure. Then, throughout the rest of the day, I'll typically repeat the circuit another 2-3 times.

This quick routine is in addition to my regularly scheduled workout for the day.

If you're trying this at home, do as many rounds as you want; if this is your only workout for the day, you'll probably want to do more than one round, and maybe even more than 2-3.

Feel free to change the order of exercises or even sub in other moves you like better. You can do squats or lunges instead of step-ups; pull-ups, TRX rows or band rows instead of doorway rows (if you have that equipment at home); reverse crunches or any variation of planks in place of crunches.

Come up with your own version of the Rise and Shine Workout, or do mine. Your call. Whatever you do, don't hit the snooze button!



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