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Ripped in 6 Challenge Program Overview

6 weeks. 6 different intensity-boosting techniques. 6 days a week. And, of course, a more shredded 6-pack when all is said and done.

Ripped in 6 Challenge Program Overview

When it comes to training to get as lean and muscular as possible, I believe in two guiding principles: full-body workouts and high-frequency training.

These two elements have been my "secret sauce" for staying super-shredded year-round. Obviously, I couldn't keep it secret for long—I've put both of these elements to use in my Ripped in 6 Challenge program, designed to help you maximize fat loss while building muscle over the course of 6 weeks' time. 

The Science Behind Full-Body Workouts and High-Frequency Training

Studies show that full-body training, where all major muscle groups are hit in the same workout, burn more fat than split-body workouts (ie, chest and triceps, back and biceps, legs only, etc.). For more on this topic, read my Full-Body Training for Full Fat Loss and The Daily Grind articles.

When I say “high frequency,” I’m talking about minimizing rest days. Granted, you can certainly build both size and strength by training three days a week. But if you really want to maximize fat-burning and uncover your six-pack, I highly recommend training nearly every day.

I’ve personally done research in the lab, at the Yale School of Medicine, on how exercise (and nutrition) affects genes in the body. Everything starts with your genes. Every time you train, genes in your muscle tissues are “turned on” or activated. Likewise, those genes are shut off when you’re inactive. When these genes are turned on, your metabolism is revving and you’re burning calories at a high level; when they’re turned off, your metabolism is working only as hard as it needs to fuel your sedentary state, which isn’t much and thus hardly any calories are burned.

Ripped in 6 Workouts

In my #TrainWithJim series, I’ve introduced a variety of technique-based full-body routines spanning anywhere from 4-7 days. In the Ripped in 6 Challenge, I’m taking six of these routines and retro-fitting each of them to go for six days (with one day off between techniques).

The weekly routines will be as follows:

Week 1: 4-Minute Muscle

Week 2: Full-Body 5-System

Week 3: Power Pyramid

Week 4: Giant Program 2.0

Week 5: Whole-Body H.I.T. Blitz

Week 6: Whole-Body Hundreds

As I said, each weekly “mini-program” consists of six days of training every week. Feel free to choose whatever day of the week you want for your off day. Take Monday off, or Saturday, or Sunday, it’s up to you.

For each week, I’ll be giving you the six workouts to do, but you don’t have to do the exact same exercises I lay out. Just try

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