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The sequel to my very popular Superman training program


If you're reading this then it's likely that you have already completed my original Superman program.

And that means that you probably made unsurpassed gains in muscle strength and size, likely while shedding some body fat to boot. If you haven't completed my original program then stop reading this and click on the link below to get to the original Superman program. Follow that program for at least 5 weeks before starting up this Superman 2 program.

the original Superman program

Even if you have completed my original Superman program, I suggest that you click on the link above just to reread the explanation and reacquaint yourself with the science behind my Superman program.

My Superman 2 continues in the fashion of my original Superman, but with a few tweaks that will help you build even more muscle mass. This version really focuses on muscle growth, and a bit less on muscle strength, although rest assured that you will make some impressive gains in strength with the exercises used.

Like my original Superman program, Superman 2 uses a two-day training split.

That means it takes two workouts to train the entire body. In workout one, you train legs, abs, biceps, triceps, and forearms. In workout two you train chest, back, shoulders, traps, and calves. You train each muscle group twice per week for a total of four workouts per week. But the two workouts done for each muscle group are unique from one another for better variety. So the weekly workouts look like this: Workout 1: legs, abs, biceps, triceps, and forearms, Workout 2: chest, back, shoulders, traps, and calves, Workout 3: legs, abs, biceps, triceps, and forearms, Workout 4: chest, back, shoulders, traps, and calves. That leaves three "rest" days each week. I call them "rest" days as you really shouldn't be taking complete rest and doing nothing unless your body truly needs a day of full recovery. You should try to be active on those days by either doing some form of cardio and/or sports. Some people even use these "rest" days to do CrossFit-style workouts. While it doesn't matter what days of the week you take off for "rest", the most common one is to train Monday and Tuesday, rest on Wednesday, then train again on Thursday and Friday, and rest on Saturday and Sunday. However, you can train and rest any days of the week that best fit your schedule.

For those of you who prefer splitting up arms from leg day and just focusing on legs and abs in one workout and then arms in another workout, you can consider turning Superman 2 into a three-day split.

Here I would suggest you split the workouts up like this: Workout 1: legs and abs, Workout 2: chest, back, shoulders, traps, Workout 3: triceps, biceps, forearms, calves, Workout 4: legs and abs, Workout 5: chest, back, shoulders, traps, Workout 6: triceps, biceps, forearms, calves. This provides you only one "rest day per week, which you can take on any day of the week that you prefer. Or you can throw out the whole weekly schedule and throw in a "rest day any day you want. For example, you might do Workout 1 on Monday, Workout 2 on Tuesday and Workout 3 on Wednesday. Then take a "rest" on Thursday and do Workout 4 on Friday, Workout 5 on Saturday, and Workout 6 on Sunday. Then "rest" on Monday. That means that you would do Workout 1 again on Tuesday and follow in that order. That just means the you are doing the same workout the same day of every week and there is nothing wrong with that.

The first area of change with this version of the Superman program is the workout order.

As you may have noticed in my explanation above, this version has you hitting legs and arms as your first workout and then chest, back and shoulders as your second workout. In my original Superman program the workouts order was the reverse of that. I changed it up I this version to give the legs and arms more focus first up in the week. You may find, however, that since you are training arms the day before training chest, back and shoulders, that you are weaker on the chest, back and shoulder day. If this is the case, swap the order of the workouts and do the chest, back and shoulder workout first.

Another area of change with

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