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3 Tasty Alternatives to Boring and Bland Canned Tuna

Tired of choking down canned tuna? Here are three tastier options for building muscle and staying lean.

3 Tasty Alternatives to Boring and Bland Canned Tuna

Canned tuna has long been a staple in bodybuilders’ diets due to its favorable macronutrient profile, long shelf life, portability, and economical price.

A can of StarKist tuna (in water) delivers 20 grams of protein, zero carbs, and less than a gram of fat; it can live in your pantry for years without going bad; and can then be thrown into your gym bag, briefcase, or desk drawer at work and eaten at your convenience. All of this for around a dollar!

But let’s be honest, you’re paying the price in taste – or lack thereof. Canned tuna is pretty bland, pretty dry (after draining the water), and pretty much begs to be mixed with mayonnaise to make it tolerable.

Fortunately, the typical canned variety isn’t your only tuna option. I have some shopping tips to help you pick a more palatable tuna that’s still convenient and macro-friendly for those trying to build muscle and stay lean.

Looking for a better way to eat tuna? Below are three tastier options.  

1) “Top Shelf” Canned Tuna

The canned tuna products you see most often on the shelves (like the aforementioned StarKist brand) are actually cooked twice – once before its canned, and then again after.

This overcooking of the tuna usually dries it out and strips much of its flavor away. Hence, those cans of tuna we’ve all choked down over the years and eventually got tired of eating!

This isn’t to say all tuna in a can is dry and flavorless. Some of the “premium” brands of

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