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Mass Jym Study Instructions

Mass JYM Study Message to Volunteers

Mass Jym Study Instructions

Summary of the 6 week Mass JYM Study: 

  1. We will need you to submit multiple videos depending on what video equipment you have available.
  2. You will need to have access to body composition testing before and after the study. DEXA or Bod Pod is preferred, but skin caliper testing is acceptable if done by an experienced tester.
  3. You will need to perform 1 Rep Max lifts and other max reps lifts (total of 6) and video them.
  4. You will receive 8 tubs of Mass JYM during OR after the successful completion of the study.
  5. Three versions of product will be used in this study. Which you receive is completely randomized, and you may or may not be using Mass JYM during the study. If you do use a control product, it will still be a high-quality mass gainer put through the same quality control measures and manufactured in the same facility as Mass JYM. All three products are calorically and macronutrient wise very similar.
  6. You can start as soon as you receive product which will ship after you successfully complete all the study requirements.
  7. There are a limited amount of spots for subjects due to product quantities. Spots will be on a “first approved” basis, meaning once all items have been submitted and approved.


Suggestions and Tips for quicker approval

Once the JYM Research and Development Team have your submissions, we annotate and analyze everything submitted and then process that data for each individual. However often times, the upload process can result in errors or issues with submissions. There are also other instances, where we do not have the correct camera angle, cannot see the weight lifted, or will need additional information for accuracy purposes. In order to participate in the study, we will need all of the required submissions for you to proceed. It will greatly speed up the approval process if all submissions are recorded in a manner that is efficient for processing

Bottom-line: The quicker we receive exactly what we need from you to complete your file, the quicker you are approved as an official MASS JYM Study Subject which means your name will be on the list to receive product to your door! There may be instances where you may be asked to reshoot, or re-do some things, but with any scientific study; especially one of this magnitude - it is common for people to be asked to resubmit specific items.

If you wish to continue, please review the instructions below, and we can get you on your way to getting your participation file complete and locked in as an official JYM Mass Subject! We will send out a confirmation e-mail once we have everything for you (received, reviewed, and approved).



What is needed from you to start the study:

Each volunteer will need to complete all aspects of each step below before moving on to the next step. Everyone will need to complete each step, even if you've submitted data or videos previously to us.


Step 1

After you have filled out the Mass JYM Study Initial Response Form (this should have already been completed) you will need to E-Sign the Informed Consent Statement. This will be sent via e-mail from DocuSign on behalf of Dr. Tim Scheett. Please allow up to one business week for this to be sent. Please open the email, then read and sign (electronically) the consent form. This is a program we are using to allow you to sign the consent form online rather than faxing. Depending on your email settings, you may need to check your junk folder for the email.

 ** For the Following Steps you will need to upload videos of yourself to a secure website. The website link will be sent to you using the e-mail your indicated on the initial response form. Please note you will need to send multiple videos during this study. 

IMPORTANT: Each time you submit a video you will need to click on the video link again in your email to submit the next video.


Step 2

State your name and result (BF% and/or weight) in the video:

Body weight measurement – Video of body weight being measured; video needs to be recorded using a tripod or by someone other than the volunteer and uploaded to the secure website. This link will also be sent to you via the email address that you provided in Step 2. 

Body fat measurement – We prefer body fat to be measured by either a DXA (DEXA) or BOD POD machine. If body fat is measured by either method, you can email us your report to msharman@phd.fitness or massjymstudy@phd.fitness by scanning it or taking a photo of it. 

If you don't have access to either of those two methods, you must have your body fat tested by a skinfold thickness test. This is a test where several places around the body are measured by a skinfold caliper. The test must be conducted by an experienced fitness/allied health person. This test CANNOT be performed by you on your own body.  

Several colleges/universities that have exercise science programs offer fitness testing. If your gym doesn’t offer this testing, other gyms in your town may. Again, DXA (DEXA) or BOD POD scans are the ideal methods, but a skinfold caliper test is acceptable.   

BIA testing, where you stand on a device or hold a device in your hand, is NOT ALLOWED. These devices are highly affected by dehydration and are not accurate.

Each volunteer MUST use the SAME body fat test method BEFORE and AFTER the training program for consistency.


Step 3

For all videos:

A. Please, hold up a piece of paper with your name and weight lifted in the beginning of each video.

B. Label your upload if possible (ex. SharmanMaxSquat405, SharmanRepsSquat325)

C. To ensure maximum accuracy, send us an e-mail with all of the weights and reps completed for each lift.


1RM Strength Testing for Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift – Video uploaded to the secure website of 1RMs being performed for each exercise need to be submitted to verify weight lifted using correct form and depth, according to the following standards: 

Bench Press – Bar touches chest at the bottom and arms are fully locked out at the top.

Squat – Tops of thighs must be parallel to the floor (or past parallel) before standing up.

Deadlift – Full hip and knee extension and shoulders pulled back (not hunching forward) at the top of the pull.   


Volunteers can have as many attempts as they wish to achieve their 1RM for each exercise, but all testing should take place within a single testing session. 

Suggest warm-up procedure: 1x10 reps with an empty bar, 1x8-10 at 50% 1RM, 1x2-5 @ 75% 1RM, 1X2-5 @90% 1RM. An accurate 1RM usually occurs within 3-5 attempts; otherwise, fatigue affects testing performance. Rest as much as needed between sets and attempts.

Local Muscular Endurance Testing for Bench Press, Squat and Deadlift – Take 5-15 minutes after last 1RM test for rest before doing the local muscular endurance test. There is no warm-up for this test. Place 80% of the 1RM weight for each respective exercise on the bar for resistance. Do not take extended rest between repetitions.

Video uploaded to the secure website of maximal repetitions being performed at 80% 1RM (without rest between repetitions) for each exercise needs to be submitted to verify weight lifted and number of repetitions performed using correct form and depth, according to the following standards on all reps: 

Bench Press – Bar touches chest at the bottom and arms are fully locked out at the top.

Squat – Tops of thighs must be parallel to the floor (or past parallel) before standing up.

Deadlift – Full hip and knee extension and shoulders pulled back (not hunching forward) at the top of the pull.  


Step 4

The Mass JYM Study diet and training program can be found on the Mass JYM Study landing page at this link: http://www.jimstoppani.com/mass-jym-featured-workout .

You do not need to be a member of the website to access the link and the training program; however, to use the Jim Stoppani App for this workout program you will need to be a member of the website. Although not a requirement for the study, if you would like you can sign up to become a member for $1 for 30 days at www.jimstoppani.com .

The Mass JYM Study diet will require you to record a 3-day diet record up front (before starting the actual diet) to determine calorie intake. 

Along with the diet are instructions on how and when to take Mass JYM (morning, pre-workout, post-workout x2, nighttime). Mass JYM needs to sit for 5+ minutes after shaken to allow all low-GI carbs to fully dissolve into solution.


Step 5

Volunteers begin and complete 6-week training program along with diet and supplements.


Step 6

After 6-week training program is completed, volunteers repeat steps 3 and 4.

Please know that we may need to reengage with you for items that are needed to complete your file. This is because sometimes missing documents and submissions can be a result of a system or upload error, and may not be a fault of yours. We will let you know if we do not have everything from you.

We are looking forward to seeing your submissions and can’t wait to see the progress you make at the completion of the study!

Should you need any assistance, have any questions, or need clarification on anything; do not hesitate to contact us. We will be with you every step of the way.

msharman@phd.fitness or massjymstudy@phd.fitness will be your two main points of contact throughout the duration of the study.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We look forward to you participating in this revolutionary study.


Dr. Tim Scheett
Director of Research & Development
JYM Supplement Science


Matt Sharman
Research Coordinator
JYM Supplement Science


Study Links:

Overview: https://www.jimstoppani.com/training/mass-jym-study-program-overview

Workouts: https://www.jimstoppani.com/home/workout_months/459

Diet: https://www.jimstoppani.com/nutrition/mass-jym-study-diet

Mass JYM Video: https://www.jimstoppani.com/home/videos/mass-jym

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