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Pro JYM Infographic

The superiority of a protein blend like Pro JYM over whey protein alone can't be understated—but it can be simplified.

Pro JYM Infographic

Pro JYM – A Blend of Proteins To Facilitate a Greater Anabolic Response than Whey Alone. Why Settle for Just Whey?

Those who are already familiar with my dietary methods know that I’m a huge proponent of getting adequate protein in your diet—and by adequate, I mean as much 1.5 grams per pound of body weight or more. Research has shown—and many JYM Army members have demonstrated—that higher protein intake can lead to greater muscle hypertrophy, as well as increased fat loss.

While whole food sources of protein like eggs, fish, and meat are great throughout the day, there are certain times when a protein powder isn’t just more practical or convenient, it’s superior due to its quick absorption and the effect it has on muscle protein synthesis—the bodily process that facilitates muscle growth.

For years, fitness and nutrition experts—myself included—promoted whey protein isolate as the ultimate protein source. This was because one study showed that whey protein triggered a sharp increase in muscle protein synthesis like no other source of protein.

However, in the years that followed further research revealed something surprising: A blend of fast-digesting whey protein combined with moderate- and slow-digesting proteins like egg and casein produced not only the swift anabolic response of whey, but one that lasted longer than whey alone.

While many supplement companies continue to tout the alleged superiority of whey isolate, I believe a better option is a blend of proteins—like the one in my Pro JYM protein powder—that has the potential to deliver better and longer than whey alone.

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