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XS8 Nutrition: Proven Fat Loss Diet

The key to maximal fat loss is implementing the time-tested SS8 diet along with XS8 workouts.

XS8 Nutrition: Proven Fat Loss Diet

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The XS8 workout plan has gotten rave reviews from everyone who’s completed it, but as the saying goes, “You can’t out-train a bad diet.”

The most dramatic results in burning body fat while building lean muscle on XS8 have come from those who took their nutrition just as seriously as their training. When it came to diet, I didn’t reinvent the wheel with XS8 – the original Super Shredded 8 (SS8) Diet will serve you well in your journey toward “extreme” results.

A Surprisingly Simple Eating Plan for Getting Shredded

The SS8 Diet (which you’ll follow on the XS8 plan) consists of seven phases. The overriding concept of the diet is that it’s tailored to the individual, taking into account one's current diet and body fat loss efficiency. This approach ensures that the path to achieving a super-shredded physique is both effective and adaptable.

The SS8 Diet is also adaptable to whatever time of day you train — morning, afternoon, or evening.

The seven phases don't necessarily correspond with the workout weeks. You'll start the training program with Week 1, but you may not start the diet in Phase 1. When you're in the final weeks of the program (Weeks 7 and 8), you may not be in the final phase of the diet (Phase 7).

Even though this is technically a seven-phase diet, you may not need to do all seven phases. What phase you start with and what phase you end with depends on what your current diet is and how well you lose body fat. For instance, you may start Phase 2 or 3 and finish the eight weeks in, say, Phase 6.

If this seems confusing, don’t worry – when you go through it, you’ll find it's pretty straightforward. The key concept is this: You’ll only move to the next phase of the diet if and when you hit a fat loss plateau in the current phase

Let’s dive into the diet a little deeper, phase-by-phase…

Seven-Phase Fat Loss Progression

The initial phase of the diet is geared towards individuals transitioning from a mass gain phase or those aiming to maximize muscle and strength gains. It prescribes a balanced intake of calories, protein, carbs, and fats, based on body weight. This phase, like all the others, includes sample meal plans and encourages diversification through a recommended f ood alternatives list and a plethora of recipes available on JimStoppani.com.

As you progress through the SS8 diet, you’ll incrementally reduce your carb intake — at a rate of 0.25 grams per pound of body weight per day — to intensify fat loss while continuing to build muscle and strength. As I just mentioned, the transition to the next phase is triggered by the onset of a fat loss plateau, ensuring continuous adaptation and progress. Each phase adjusts the macro ratios and total calorie intake, guiding you through a descending scale of carb consumption that's carefully balanced to prevent muscle loss and maintain energy levels for the best performance in the XS8 workouts.

Each phase reduces carbs and calories, introducing strategic dietary adjustments to overcome plateaus. The one exception is Phase 7, which does not reduce carb intake. Rather, it integrates intermittent fasting (aka, time-restricted feeding) to enhance fat loss. 

A Better Approach for Greater Results

The SS8 Diet’s phased approach, with its emphasis on flexibility and individual food choices, is unlike any diet you’ve ever tried. I designed it this way because transforming one’s body is not a one-size-fits-all process, and also because dietary needs change as progress is made.

By aligning your diet with your personal fat loss progress and plateaus, which will be influenced by the XS8 training demands, this program offers a realistic and scientifically grounded roadmap to achieving a lean, muscular physique. The SS8 Diet is more than just a nutritional guideline; it's a flexible strategy that maximizes fat loss by implementing precise nutrition with smart training. 

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