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The Information On Supplementation That You Need to Know

I review and give you my Personal Take on Supplement Information you need to know and understand when taking Supplements

The Information On Supplementation That You Need to Know

I have been receiving some amazing feedback regarding the launch of JYM Supplement Science, as well as my preworkout supplement, Pre JYM. But of course, as usual when you launch a brand new company, I also have been receiving a lot of questions. Questions such as: Why did I start my own company? What's in my products that are not in others? How am I going to compete with the "big" brands? And many other questions.

I feel that many people have simply not educated themselves properly regarding supplementation, nor do they even know what they should take. I was recently having a conversation with a good friend whom I have worked with in this industry for years. Despite being as deep as he is in the supplement industry, as well as a long-time supplement user, he said,

"Jim, since you launched Pre JYM and have explained to me what's in it and why, I feel like I have just been educated on supplements. I'm actually embarrassed to say that I never actually looked at a label and educated myself on what I should be looking for in products."

He continued and gave me his insight into the mindset of the consumer as he sees it and it made A LOT of sense. He said,

"Jim I think that most people including myself simply look at the category of supplements for lets say a preworkout. We see the Strength, Energy, Focus, and Pump written in bright shiny lettering on the front of the bottle, then turn the bottle around and look for the listings of creatine, beta-alanine, citrulline, etc... And as long as it has those ingredients listed, it's a solid product in our minds. We know that the companies have to have their best interests in mind, so of course they can't list the actually dosing of each ingredent in their supplement blends for fear that someone else will steal their formula. That's the mindset we've come to adopt with label reading. So we take the product and WHAMMY, they feel the "stim" and burn through the weights. Even the notion of concentrates have duped me because I was under the misguided impression that some advanced process of condensing the dose down was being employed. Now I realize how foolish I was in believing that nonsense. But ONLY now after you've explained it to me point blank do I actually get it! The problem is that I never have considered myself a supplement expert and I can't even understand most of what is listed on the supplement facts panel of a product. I didn't understand that the DOSE of specific ingredients was much more important than the number of ingredients listed on a product that is given in one super-duper cocktail."

It HIT me like a ton of bricks that he was right. Most people do not understand the real truth behind concepts like "proprietary blends", or the number of grams per serving. These and other marketing gimmicks have duped consumers into thinking that they are getting benefits from products that simply hoax the user into thinking that they are working. This is what has frustrated me for years.

In the videos below, I give the honest reasons as to why I started my own supplement company and what you need to know to be more supplement savvy so that you can empower yourself and make better informed choices when it comes to purchasing supplements.

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