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28 Days to Redemption

The 4-week training program you need to get your body back in short order.

28 Days to Redemption

It’s time to get back on track. Perhaps you’ve fallen off the wagon and haven’t been to the gym in a while. And maybe your diet has followed a similar path. Whatever the reason, whatever the specifics, that’s behind you now. It’s time to look forward, not back.

It’s time to redeem yourself. With the following training protocol – accompanied by a proper diet plan (Dieting 101) and a JYM supplement regimen – you’ll do just that in under a month.

The workout program that will you get there focuses on high-intensity, high-volume training that will build muscle, burn loads of fat, and even get you stronger via five weekly workouts for four weeks. Twenty total workouts plus two rest days every week equals... 28 Days to Redemption.

Super Pumped for Super Results

The major mistakes I see people make when trying to build muscle mass is either going too heavy or sticking in the 8-10-rep range, known as the “sweet spot” for muscle growth. That’s why this program is designed with high reps in mind.

High-rep training for a short period of time (in this case, four weeks) will challenge the muscles in many ways that can lead to growth. One such benefit is the muscle pump. Higher reps lead to a greater muscle pump. The pump, mind you, isn’t just about looking good during your workout.

The pump is the rapid expansion in the size of muscles during a workout. Simply put, the pump is the filling up of muscle cells with water. When you train, you produce waste products in the muscle cells. These waste products are the result of burning glucose and fat to fuel muscle contractions, and their build-up inside muscle cells draws water in from blood in the capillaries that feed the muscle and the area surrounding the cells.

As with a balloon, the more water the muscle cell can hold, the bigger the pump. The pump essentially places a stretch on the muscle cell. This stretch not only makes muscles momentarily bigger, but it also initiates biochemical pathways that signal the muscle cell to grow.

Training with high reps causes a greater flow of blood to the trained muscles; the muscle contractions stimulate blood to move

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