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3x3 Rest Rundown

This 5-week version of my 3x3 technique utilizes a 4-day training split to deliver great gains in muscle strength and size.

3x3 Rest Rundown

I gave you a 5-day dose of heavy training with my Full-Body 3x3 Rest Rundown program. Now, you’re about to get a 5-week dose of 3x3 in the form of a 4-day-split routine.

The 3x3 Rest Rundown protocol doesn’t change – only the scheduling does. I’m offering this program for people who want to try the 3x3 routine but would rather not do full-body workouts. Different strokes for different folks; just because I now prefer hit all body parts in every workout doesn’t mean everybody needs to train this way.

Fortunately, the results from the 4-day-split version will mimic those of the full-body 3x3: More strength, more size, less fat. Better yet, because you’ll be using the protocol for five weeks instead of five days, you may experience a bigger boost in strength with the split-body routine.

In case you missed my Full-Body 3x3 Rest Rundown articles, here’s an overview of the technique…

Strength-Training Similarities

The 3x3 Rest Rundown program is similar to my 5x5 Full Blown routine –  the rep counts are low, weights are relatively heavy, and the amount of rest decreases every day. With the 3x3 system, however, the weights are heavier (because you’re only doing 3 reps per set) and the per-exercise volume (total number of reps) is significantly lower.

Regarding rest periods, the 3x3 program drops them systematically, whereas 5x5 Full Blown simply instructs you to shorten (“beat”) the time it takes you to complete all sets each workout.

These differences may seem subtle. Both programs reduce the time you have each workout to complete the same number of reps with the same weights on the same exercises. With 3x3, you’re just doing so with heavier weights, fewer sets and reps, and in a more predictable fashion.

3x3 Differences

The full-body version of 3x3 trains every muscle group in every workout. In the split-body version, you'll only be training each muscle group once a week through four total workouts. The weekly split will look like this:

Workout 1: Chest, Triceps, Abs

Workout 2: Back, Biceps, Forearms

Workout 3: Shoulders, Traps

Workout 4: Legs, Calves

Do these workouts on whatever four days during the week you like – ie, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,

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