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Jim's Christmas Day Fitness Challenge

Be active on Christmas Day – while also enjoying great food, of course – by taking this 24-hour challenge. Crush your reps and you may just win yourself a belated Christmas present!

Jim's Christmas Day Fitness Challenge

In the spirit of my #WageWarOnInactivity campaign to increase everyone's activity throughout the day, I'm taking an extreme step. On Christmas Day, the day we typically sit around with family and friends eating, drinking and then eating and drinking a little more, I'm challenging you to be your most active with my JimStoppani.com Christmas Day Fitness Challenge.

The challenge is this: Complete 25 sets of 25 reps of one exercise at any point throughout the day on Christmas – 625 total reps.

Here are the six easy steps for officially taking part in my Christmas Day Fitness Challenge:

STEP 1: Pick any exercise you like. It can be a bodyweight move like push-ups, lunges, air squats,

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