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Straight-Arm Dip

Balance out your traps with this must-do exercise

Straight-Arm Dip

One thing that I'm a big promoter of is developing a well-balanced body.

But I am not just talking about a well-balanced physique in regards to muscle symmetry. Sure, that is important, but even more important for your muscle strength and for every day function is having balance among your muscles in regards to strength. You may all be aware of the common hamstring injuries that many runners, soccer players, and football players suffer from. Many times this injury is due to an imbalance in the strength of the quads overpowering the hamstrings. If you follow my leg training programs, which are chock full of hamstring exercises like Romanian deadlifts, leg curls, back extensions, walking lunges, etc: then you have little to worry about if you decide to play some football on the weekend with your buddies, or show off your fast wheels in a race.

In addition to a greater risk of injury, having a strength imbalance can also limit your muscle strength.

Most of you want to have a bigger bench. But did you ever realize that your bench press strength may limited due to your back strength, or lack there of? That's right, have a stronger back, particular a stronger row (which is the opposite movement of the bench press) can help you have a stronger bench press. The theory is that your nervous system will attempt to hold back your strength of a muscle if that muscle's antagonist (the muscle that performs the opposite movement) is far behind in strength.

And in addition to a greater risk of injury and limited muscle strength, another reason for developing balanced muscle strength is for symmetry.

You've all seen the guy with MASSIVE triceps but VERY small biceps. And it looks downright silly! So of course you want to make sure your muscle groups are ALL well developed.

In addition to the biceps/triceps, quads/hamstrings, chest/back, another muscle...

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