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Strong in 8

The ultimate 8-week strength program

Strong in 8

If you've tried my Micro Muscle or Shortcut to Size (and if you haven't, I urge you to start it today) then you are undoubtedly much stronger and bigger today than you were 12 weeks ago.

The number one question I get from those who have done the program is, "What can I do next?" My answer to that is, "It depends on your goal." And if your goal is to focus on maximizing strength gains, I highly recommend my Strong In 8 program.

Strong in 8 Training Specifics

Strong In 8 follows a five-day training split to allow you to have a separate day each week to focus on the bench press, the deadlift, and the squat.

You will do 4 sets for each muscle group. Keep the weight the same on all four sets for the best strength gains. To make sure that you are fully recovered, rest about 3 minutes or more between sets. This will allow you to stay within the prescribed rep range with the same weight on all 4 sets.

You should be very close to muscle failure on the first 3 sets and be sure to go to muscle failure on the last set. After reaching muscle failure on the last set of each exercise do a rest-pause set by racking the bar and resting for just 15-20 seconds. Then continue the exercise getting as many sets as...

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