Muscle Menu: Grilled Lime & Honey Swordfish

Muscle Menu: Grilled Lime & Honey Swordfish
Increase your fish-cooking repertoire with some delicious swordfish and a side of Brussels sprouts.

By Seth Santoro

Getting regular servings of fish in your diet is important for getting the omega-3 fatty acids your body needs to function properly. Swordfish is a great source of these fats, as it's an oily fish that provides both EPA and DHA omega-3s. It's also a great source of vitamin D.

However, swordfish isn't exactly a common food people buy at the grocery store or market and bring home to cook – yet it should be. This recipe is one of my favorites when I'm in the mood for seafood, and it includes a super healthy vegetable as a side: Brussels sprouts.

Cook this meal up when you're looking to add a delicious whole food source of omega-3s to your weekly menu; you'll love the combination of lime juice, honey, oil, seasonings and grass-fed butter to add flavor to an otherwise standard fish and vegetable dish. In addition to tasting great, this recipe is loaded with protein, has ample healthy fats, and keeps carbs in check. Pair it with a...

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