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Post JYM Is Coming!

Just weeks away from the Post JYM launch

Post JYM Is Coming!

The rumors are true!

After months of hold ups, Pre JYM is made and ready to go.

First I want to apologize to you all for the long delay in getting Post JYM to you.

My hopes and intentions were to get you Post JYM a month or two after the release of Pre JYM this summer. The two are designed as a system that work best together. Pre JYM and Post JYM are formulated based on my long-standing recommendations of what ingredients to take before and after workouts. Together these two products provide everything you need before and after workouts: except for a protein powder blend. In in fact, my Pro JYM protein powder blend will launch soon after Post JYM launches, as long as I don't run into as many obstacles as I did with Post JYM. Then the only supplements that you will need for pre and postworkout nutrition are Pre JYM, Post JYM and Pro JYM, and that's it! All simplified and perfected into three products.


The link above will also provide you the supplement facts panel of the two different packets in the post JYM box.

Each box has 20 packets (servings) of the active ingredients matrix and 20 packets of fast-digesting (high glycemic) carbs (dextrose). The active ingredients include 6 grams of BCAAs, 3 grams of glutamine, 2 grams of creatine HCL, 2 grams of beta-alanine, 2 grams of carnitine, 1.5 grams of betaine, 1 gram of taurine, and 5 mg of BioPerine to enhance the absorption of all of these ingredients so that your body takes up more of them for better results. The greater uptake of all these ingredients also helps to avoid any stomach issues. The carb packet provides 30 grams of high-glycemic (fast) carbs (dextrose) to not only replenish the muscle glycogen that you burned during your workout but to help spike insulin levels higher to enhance the uptake of the ingredients into the muscle cells. This is especially critical for creatine and carnitine, but also aids the uptake of most of the other ingredients as well.

Having the carb packet separate allows you to manipulate your own carb intake postworkout.

On many of my fat-loss programs you cut even postworkout carbs out in certain phases of the diet. So having the carb packet separate allows you to add as many carbs as you want to hit your desired macros and calories for the day. Plus, some of you may want to stick with Pixy Stix or gummy bears for your postworkout carbs. The Post JYM dextrose packet allows you to stick with candy if you prefer, or even go with half a packet and half candy. It's your call.

No, there is no protein in Post JYM!

As I mentioned above, I am not saying that you do not need protein postworkout. I just didn't want to waste quality protein by putting it in Post JYM. What does that mean? Well think about it. Do you only take protein postworkout? No! At least I hope not. I also hope that you have a protein shake preworkout, in the morning when you wake, sometimes between meals or added to a meal, and sometimes before bed. So you need to buy a straight-up protein powder for all these other times of day. That means that you can drink that protein powder before, after or with Post JYM.

The single-serving packets also make taking Post JYM quite convenient.

Since you should be taking your postworkout supplements right after the workout is over, you should have your postworkout supps with you at the gym. The single-serving Post JYM packets allow you to take them with you wherever you go. When the workout is over, rip open the packet and mix it in water and you are good to go with recovery and growth!

Yes, in the near future I will offer boxes of just the Post JYM active ingredients matrix packets and boxes od just the Post JYM dextrose packets.

That way if you used up all your active ingredient packets you can buy just them without having to spend money of the carb packets, and vice versa.

Right now the two flavors that I have are watermelon and fruit punch.

And I must say that both flavors are so good that they'll knock your compression socks off! I will work on other flavors down the road.

One note on Post JYM for those of you who do not want to use a preworkout product that has caffeine, such as Pre JYM.

You can use Post JYM as a caffeine-free preworkout as well as your postworkout recovery product. And for those of you who are not sensitive to caffeine, you can use Pre JYM as both your preworkout and postworkout until you get you hands on a box of Post JYM.

So use the link i listed above to get to the Post JYM page so you can sign up to be notified of when it officially will launch.

You do not want to wait on ordering Post JYM. Given all the buzz regarding it, and the fact that it truly is the perfect postworkout product, I expect it to sell out fast. I will likely have trouble keeping Post JYM in stock at BB.com, much like with Pre JYM.

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