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Back/Chest/Deads Workout

Get a great upper-body blast with a dose of full-body strength and conditioning – I take you through the routine in this video.

Back/Chest/Deads Workout

Looking for a big "bang for your buck" workout? This is it. It's a back and chest superset workout I recently did at The JYM (with cameras rolling, exclusively for JimStoppani.com members), but I also included deadlifts in between all supersets to serve as cardioacceleration. I normally prescribe more of a "cardio" exercise for cardioacceleration, but deadlifts work, too, since it's more or less a full-body exercise.

So think about what you have in this workout: the two largest muscle groups in the upper body (back and chest) being trained; the two muscle groups being supersetted to increase intensity; a big full-body lift (deads) between supersets to get the legs involved while also hitting the lower-back muscles and promoting "functional" strength; and doing the deads as cardioacceleration to enhance conditioning and fat-burning. That's what I mean by bang for your buck! The workout is great for physique enhancement (building muscle and burning fat), great for cardio, great for strength, great for overall fitness. BOOM!

Back to the deadlifts for cardioacceleration. Normally when doing cardioacceleration with something like jumping rope or running in place, I'd prescribe doing the cardioacceleration exercise for time (30-60 seconds). With deadlifts, however, it's a bit

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