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Full-Body Giant Program

This full-body version of my classic giant-set program offers yet another training option and maximizes fat loss.

Full-Body Giant Program

How do you make a "giant" program even bigger? By offering a new way to do it that will keep the gains coming!

My original Giant Program here on JimStoppani.com is a three-day split: chest, shoulders, triceps on day 1; back, biceps, forearms, abs on day 2; and legs, traps, calves on day 3. And this split routine has worked well (and will continue to work well) for countless JYM Army members looking to pack on muscle size, add strength, and strip away body fat. (For more specifics on the program, read the program overview .)

But now, I'm switching things up and offering a "2.0" version of the Giant Program – consisting entirely of full-body workouts.

I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record, but I'll mention again that I'm a huge fan of full-body training because it's been shown through recent research to burn more body fat than bodypart split training. Just about every workout I do these days hits all major muscle groups, and I’ve been very happy with the results – building muscle while staying as lean as ever!

Each workout in the Giant 2.0 program will include a series of giant sets for each major muscle group in the body – four different exercises for the bodypart in each giant set.

In my original bodypart split Giant Program, I have you do 2-3 giant sets for each muscle group. In the 2.0 version, you’ll only be doing one giant set per muscle group (one set of each of the four exercises). The reason for this is simple. Because you’re training every muscle group in every workout, you only have so much time. Plus, because you're training every day, you’ll want to keep volume in check to allow for adequate recovery.

These full-body giant set workouts can be performed anywhere from 3-7 days per week; if you do train seven days in a row with the program, make sure you take 1-2 days of rest before starting into your next week of training.

Giant Set Exhaustion

My Giant Program 2.0 alternates between different exercise sequences. 

In one workout, you'll do two multi-joint (aka compound) exercises first, followed by two single-joint moves. This will allow you to use the heaviest weight possible on the multi-joint exercises to maximize the mechanical overload placed on the muscles. This is the conventional way to do giant sets – where you do big moves first and finish with isolation exercises.

Conventional is great, but results are maximized only when you combine it intelligently with the unconventional. And that’s what I’ve done here by flipping the script…

Other workouts you do in the program will involve performing two single-joint exercises first, then two multi-joint moves. This is a technique you're probably familiar with: pre-exhaustion , "pre-exhaust" for short.

For a given muscle group

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