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The Daily Grind At Home Program Overview

Maximize fat loss in 5 weeks without leaving home with this resistance-bands-only version of my original full-body program.

Daily Grind At Home Workout

The Daily Grind At Home Program Snapshot

  • Length: 5 weeks
  • Workouts per Week: 5
  • Training Split: Full-body split (all major muscle groups trained in each workout)
  • Equipment: Resistance bands. (For a gym version of this program, check out my original Daily Grind program.)
  • Featured Techniques: In addition to full-body training in every workout, three intensity techniques are used: supersets, drop sets (in lower rep ranges), and rest-pauses (in higher rep ranges). Drop sets and rest-pauses occur in Weeks 2-5; supersets occur in all five weeks.
  • Rep Ranges: Five different rep ranges (a different rep range each day of the week) are used throughout the five weeks, following an undulating periodization scheme. Reps go from low (heavy resistance) to high (light resistance): 3-6 reps, 8-10, 12-15, 18-20, 25-30.
  • Rest Periods: 30-60 seconds of rest between exercises; no rest taken within supersets.
  • Cardio: Optional; cardioacceleration between supersets, or HIIT cardio at the end of the workout.
  • Meal Plan: Dieting 101 or Intermittent Fasting to maximize fat loss.
  • Summary: This is the at-home resistance-bands version of my popular 5-week Daily Grind program. The Daily Grind was my first featured workout on JimStoppani.com to exclusively use full-body training in all workouts to maximize fat loss. Other hallmarks of The Daily Grind include an undulating periodization scheme (where rep ranges change every day without following a traditional pattern), supersets for all exercises, drop sets, and rest-pauses. The only difference between the original Daily Grind and the At Home version is the use of resistance bands in the latter versus free weights and machines in the former. All other programming is identical.

One of my most popular fat-loss programs ever – The Daily Grind – can now be done at home with only resistance bands. No dumbbells, barbells, machines, or cardio equipment necessary. 

Everything other than equipment remains the same with the bands-only version versus the original 5-week plan: same full-body training split, same periodization, same rep ranges, same intensity techniques (supersets, drop sets, rest-pauses)... and same fat-loss results! 

Grab a set of bands, make yourself at home, and start grinding out these great fat-burning, muscle-building workouts!

The O.G. of Full-Body Programs

The Daily Grind, which I launched back in 2014, was the program that started a long, successful series of full-body routines here on JimStoppani.com. To date, I've created over 40 full-body-training programs, ranging from 5 days in length up to 6 weeks. In fact, my Stoppani Full-Split Training System (SFS) was conceived from the original Daily Grind concept. 

When I say "full-body training," I'm talking about something very specific. You'll find a lot of full-body workouts online, but none are quite like mine. My full-body programs are based on these basic tenets:

  • Every muscle group is trained in every workout. This differs greatly from traditional bodybuilding programs, where typically only one or two body parts are trained in each workout. (I offer those types of programs as well for people looking to maximize muscle growth.) My programs also differ from other "functional" protocols like CrossFit, which incorporate a lot of full-body exercises – because when I say every muscle group, I mean it. In my full-body and full-split programs, you'll train 10 specific body parts (chest, back, shoulders, legs, triceps, biceps, traps, forearms, abs, calves) in every single workout. 
  • All muscle groups are trained with high frequency. My programs don't just have you doing full-body workouts three days a week (i.e., Monday-Wednesday-Friday). That frequency is fine for beginners, but with my programs, every muscle group is typically trained five days a week. (A couple of my full-body programs are only four days a week, and several get up to six or seven days a week, but five days is most common.) 
  • Exercise selection is vast and diverse. If you're going to be training every muscle group essentially every day, exercise variety is key. My programs hit all muscle groups from various angles. I also incorporate an optimal mix of compound (multijoint) and isolation (single-joint) exercises, particularly for large body parts like chest, back, shoulders, and legs. This variety of movements is part of what allows you to train with such high frequency without unnecessarily beating up your body. 
  • Periodization and intensity techniques run the gamut. Periodization isn't just for year-long plans and Olympic athletes. Proven schemes like linear, reverse linear, undulating, oscillating, and pendulum periodization can be implemented in programs as short as one week – and I've utilized all of these protocols many times in my programming. I also include intensity techniques like supersets, drop sets, rest-pauses, and many more in my routines. After all, the full-body training split is only part of the equation; the intelligent use of periodization and intensity are the secret sauce of programming. 
  • Rules are meant to be broken. The aforementioned concepts might seem a little unorthodox, like I'm violating some predetermined rules of training – well, I am! And for good reason. Most "rules" of the gym are not based on science; they're just pure dogma that you can, and should, veer from (at least periodically) if you want to keep seeing results from your workouts. I debunked the dogma and explained the science behind high-frequency full-body training in my original Daily Grind Program Overview, so give that article a read. 

Full-Body Training Meets Bands

A fully equipped gym is a great place to do my workouts, what with the variety of exercises and loads I use in my programming. But not everyone is able, or willing, to train at a gym. Expensive membership

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