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Post JYM Infographic

Before I launched JYM Supplement Science, there was no such thing as a "post-workout". Find out why I recommend one, and what Post JYM Active Matrix can do for you.

Post JYM Infographic

Post JYM – Better Recovery for Better Results

If you compare the labels on typical post-workout products on the market today, it seems few companies even know what a post-workout supplement should do.

A lot of products out there think so little of post-workout nutrition that what they end up doing is combining it with something else—post-workout plus test booster, post-workout plus fat burner. Some even include nutrients that really only belong in a pre-workout, like pump enhancers or nootropics.

When it comes to true post-workout nutrients, most offer branched-chain amino acids, and some include glutamine. There might be another potentially useful ingredient or two, but for the most part, it looks like they just throw whatever sounds good in there.

Unfortunately, few if any include these ingredients in clinically-studied amounts, sometimes adding only a fraction of each ingredient—but don’t expect to see that reflected on the label, or in the price…

Additionally, there are a number of ingredients you want both pre- and post-workout, like betaine, beta-alanine, and creatine. This is because research suggests these nutrients may be even more effective when the total daily dosage is split up into two servings.

A lot of post-workouts leave you relying on their pre-workouts or even additional products for these ingredients, trying to get it all done in one serving—but here’s one instance where more doesn’t necessarily mean better.

Still other companies don’t even bother with a post-workout product at all. At most, they offer an intra-workout that’s mostly just BCAAs, when the optimal times to get BCAAs are actually before and after your workout. If you’re skipping that post-workout serving, you could be short-changing yourself, limiting your recovery and hindering your results.

With important post-workout nutrients provided in fully-disclosed amounts, the ideal formulation of Post JYM Active Matrix can deliver everything you need to help get the most out of your workouts and improve your recovery long after the workout is over, promoting muscle repair, reduced recovery time, and better overall results.

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