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1-2-3 Lean Food Alternatives

Use these alternative foods for the 1-2-3 Lean Diet

1-2-3 Lean Food Alternatives

In my 1-2-3 Lean eBook diet section you will notice that the sample meals are very similar in each of the three phases. This does NOT mean that you should be eating these exact foods and only these foods for all 6 weeks of this program. The foods are similar so you can see what I removed and changed around to bring the carbs down without affecting protein and fat much. Refer to the food alternatives tables below for foods that you can and should use to replace these foods so that the diet doesn't become boring and lacking in nutrient diversity. And if I missed any of your favorites, just hit me on twitter to ask me about it.

Meat Replacements

The following meats can be used for any meal on this program. You can also replace any meats with about 2 servings of the dairy products listed later below or 2 scoops of whey or mixed protein powder:

Chicken breast chicken thighs chicken drumstick turkey breast turkey leg lean ground turkey lean ground beef tri-tip steak flank steak pork tenderloin bison venison ostrich lamb goat salmon sardines herring trout tilapia cod halibut sole or flounder arctic char shrimp crab scallop (sea or fresh water) clams mussels oysters lobster squid octopus lean deli

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